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Coconut Carrier Base Oil (Cocos nucifera)
Coconut Carrier Base Oil (Cocos nucifera)

Carrier Base Oil

Fractionated Coconut: (Cocos nucifera)

Origin : Indonesia

Shelf-Life: Indefinite 

Coconut carrier base oil is one of the most preferred oils for Aromatherapists, along with jojoba mainly because of it's light texture and long shelf life. It is easily absorbed making it a good massage oil base. An extremely light, clear oil which is odourless.

Warning: Some people may be allergic to Coconut carrier oil 

Contains (unrefined) 50% lauric acid. Refined coconut oil, according to Sheppard-Hanger, is closest substance to human sub-cutaneous fat and more compatible with skin than vegetable oils. She states that it has a vertually unlimited shelflife, since it can not turn rancid, and that it can not clog pores, making it an ideal carrier for oily or troubled skin. However, Shirley Price points out that fractionated (or refined) coconut oil is produced by heat, rather than cold pressing, and is usually deodorized since it's natural odor is overwhelming, and asks if we really want to use a fractionated oil in aromatherapy, since it is not a complete product

Coconut carrier base oil will wash out of sheets, towels, etc. much more easily than most carrier oils, making it a boon to the massage therapist.

Uses:Dryness, itching, sensitive skin, tanning aid. Use as base or 10-50% additive.

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